Dr. Michelle and Dr. Adam are great. They helped me through a difficult pregnancy when I was having trouble walking due to back pain. Under their chiropractic care, I am now pain free, have more energy, and am able to take care of my kids better. They are great with my kids and all 3 of them love being adjusted. They have helped my son crawl straighter, prevented ear infections, and he doesn’t get sick as often. They have helped my daughter with sensory sensitivity and sleep issues. They are gentle with my newborn who started receiving care at just 3 weeks. I am so glad I found Amplus Family Chiropractic, they have kept me functioning as a mom with 3 kids 4 and under!

Callie J.

Dr. Michelle and Dr. Adam have adjusted all the members of our family–my husband, our infant, our toddler, and myself as well. They are attentive and knowledgeable, and they truly make me feel like my time and treatment are important to them. They were gentle, careful, and patient with our kids, and I do not hesitate to suggest their services to others! Dr. Michelle and Dr. Adam are sincerely dedicated to my family’s health and well-being. Amplus Family Chiropractic is a blessing for our whole family!

Kyla B.

Drs. Adam and Michelle are such personable people. They are very positive, encouraging, and they provide very professional care. Their vision of helping people attain improved health naturally and through holistic care is very well portrayed in their attitudes and explanations. I was very satisfied with their care and services. I give them 5 stars.

Connor S.

Dr. Michelle got me in next day when I couldn’t walk from sciatica pain in my third trimester. The pain went away with one adjustment. I continued seeing Dr. Michelle until I gave birth was able to sleep and move comfortably my entire third trimester. I highly recommend for pregnancy and postpartum. I took my 2 week year old daughter in for her first adjustment.

Ashley D.

Dr. Adam & Dr. Michelle are amazing people and professionals! Highly recommend! I was scared to death of chiropractors, but I gave it a shot once I heard about their gentle approach. It’s not scary! I have had 100% improvement in my hip pain, and my balance assessments with them, just keep getting better & better. Now I can work out & play with my kids without the hip pain that typically followed.

Tattianna M.

Amplus Family Chiropractic runs a very clean and pure business. Their lobby is clean, calming, and very welcoming. Adam and Michelle are both wonderful doctors who are competent and professional and very friendly. Their practice is non-abrasive to your body, and i always leave feeling better than i did before. I’d recommend them to anyone, especially those closest to me.

Dallin S.

Dr. Michelle and Dr. Adam are absolutely amazing! I have been to many chiropractors over the years and have never experienced the complete care that they offer. Their holistic whole body approach is not only refreshing but very much needed. They understand that everything is connected and approach their treatment from that mindset. You could not be in better hands with them as part of your wellness team!

Athena C.

Dr. Adam and Dr. Michelle are the kindest people! They are experts when it comes to improving the health of pregnant women, children and families. Their philosophy on life will empower you and your family to express the highest levels of health for a lifetime. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Adam and Dr. Michelle at Amplus Family Chiropractic!

David L.

Drs. Adam and Michelle are great chiropractors and such wonderful people. Dr. Adam has personally helped me in my journey to optimal health by providing me with exceptional chiropractic care. His adjustments are very specific and gentle. I highly recommend going to see these two awesome doctors. You’ll be in good hands!

Taylor D.

Prior to seeking chiropractic care I regularly experienced lower back pain, mainly stiffness and discomfort. I am an avid golfer and I was really struggling with pain the day after a round. So, when I began my regiment with Dr. Adam, my main goal was to be pain-free after 18 holes. After 3 months of twice-a-week visits I am happy to say that Dr. Adam helped me to achieve my goal! Thanks to Dr. Adam I can once again enjoy a round of golf without having to worry about how my back will feel the next day. I could not be happier with the care I’ve received from Dr. Adam and I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone seeking relief from back pain, not just golfers!

Will S.